We’ve Made it to Bath

  We spent four days on our lovely mooring spot just outside Hilperton/Trowbridge, then we moved to Bradford on Avon and found another lovely spot; stayed there for two days. Bradford on Avon is a very picturesque town with lovely riverside walks. (River Avon and the canal both run through the town) Sal had a few good long walks – we still haven’t been brave enough to let her off the lead again, though!

We moved on Thursday 27th June to Dundas Aquaduct, via Avoncliff. The scenery on the way was gorgeous – the canal is built into the side of the hill so the views over the valleys are stunning. There are a lot of hire boats on this stretch – for every private boat moving there is probably 4 hire boats. We had some fun and games with a group on a day hire boat that kept turning round and causing havoc – boats moored along the edge, boats coming in both directions and the day boat stops just anywhere and turns – lustily bumping into both sides as he did it!! (Lots of private boats moored up – big community of liveaboards along this stretch but they don’t move much). 

We stayed at Dundas Aqueduct for two days – had some lovely walks round the valley and along the towpath. We then moved to just outside Bathampton on Sat 29th. It was a nice spot but with it being a gorgeous (but hot!) day and a Saturday, the towpath was so busy – cyclists going far too fast and far too many of them! We had heard that cyclists could be a problem on the towpath but I tried to keep an open mind and see for myself, and up ’til now it’s not been a problem, but they were a menace along that stretch! As it was so hot, we left taking Sal for a walk until about 6 but we didn’t bother with her long lead as there were still a lot of cyclists around – forever calling her back and reeling her in with that lot zooming past wasn’t a desirable option! We found a footpath (been using the Viewranger app – excellent for showing footpaths you’d never find or see just walking along) so she had the long lead on as soon as we left the towpath. We found a pub on the way so stopped for a very welcome cheeky pint!

We moved on Sunday 30th to just outside Bath, with views over the outskirts of the city. We walked into the city to scope out moorings in Bath city centre itself, and found what looked like a new quay side development with some great moorings right in the heart of the city. We moved to these moorings on Monday 1st July – it was a bit daunting as this was the first time (in our own boat) that we’d been on a river. The descent from the canal on to the river included Bath Deep Lock, 19.5 ft deep, second deepest in the country. Was like being at Niagara Falls at the bottom!! We sported our life jackets on leaving the last lock – Sal, too, and made sure the anchor was to hand. The hire boaters, with whom we shared the few locks out of the canal, looked at us with some surprise – they had done the trip several times on a hire boat and never been advised to wear life jackets! Perhaps we were worrying unnecessarily, but I’d rather be wearing it than floating about in the water wishing I’d put it on!! Not the most attractive of moorings, here, we are looking at a building site on the opposite bank of the river, but it’s interesting to be in the city centre!

In other news, we have managed to persuade Sal that the bed is too small for the three of us! We now wait until she’s settled – we don’t seem to have had anymore anxious episodes – and we close the bathroom door to keep her in the lounge/kitchen area. She whimpered at the door once, turned round and resumed her position on her bed on the back deck with a big sigh!

As usual for me at this time of year, I have got some HUGE insect bites! This is taking the mickey, though! I have 21 bites mostly down one leg including 4 on the cheeks of my bum!!!! As I am not known for wandering around with absolutely nothing on my lower half, I can only assume that there must have been a bitey bastard in our bedroom one night!! Some of the bites are particularly nasty, meaning the use of antihistamine cream and tablets have been in order. I have covered every inch of exposed flesh in insect repellent today as the weather has been nice. I don’t suppose it will be the last time any of the little blighters will get me, though!! Ho hum……


4 thoughts on “We’ve Made it to Bath”

  1. Hi All,
    Another lovely chapter in your adventure! I so enjoy reading these diaries from you – the photos are very professional, you should consider entering some for the Countryfile competition. Sal seems to be having the perfect life too. The bites look very uncomfortable but I hope you consider it a small price to pay for your enjoyment of such lovely scenery, although perhaps there is something the chemist could advise?
    Look forward to the next episode!
    Lots of love,
    Brenda & Bob

    1. Hello Brenda and Bob, so glad you are enjoying reading my ramblings – it’s surprising how quickly you forget what happened a few days ago so I am glad that I am keeping a record of it all – warts and all – and that people are bothering to look and read!

  2. Don’t forget to sample the water at the Pump Rooms – supposed to have healing properties so if you can stomach the taste of it it may sort out those angry looking bites!
    Much more appealing are the Sally Luns – toasted with sugar & cinnamon are my favourites.
    So enjoy Bath & hope the tourists don’t get in your way too much.

    1. Hello Wendy,

      Thanks for looking at our website – we didn’t visit the Pump Rooms this time – too may tourists! I’ll stick with the Anthisan for the bites, though, I think!! haha!



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