Trial Run Holiday June 18

  Our annual two week summer holiday this year was spent on Sanguine – a different kind of cruise to our normal choice! We did a few odd jobs on the Saturday and Sunday, then set off on Monday morning for our holiday. Ali and Rob visited on the Wednesday, parking in Hungerford and walking back to the boat; we had a lovely meal in the Three Swans in Hungerford. Over the next few days we worked our way towards Great Bedwyn, where we stopped (to have a rest!) and to turn to retrace our journey. We’d only gone for 14 miles even though it had taken us nearly five days  – and we were both exhausted! The moorings along the K & A are difficult, to say the least, you need a long gangplank and good balance! We were disappointed that we couldn’t moor in a lot of places due to the silt – we were listing at one point as the water level had dropped after we’d moored. You need a long bargepole, too! It’s a shame as it’s a beautiful canal and you can’t moor where you’d like to. We had a lovely but rather overpriced meal in the Three Tuns in Great Bedwyn on Saturday evening. Monday of the second week saw us celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary, and we enjoyed a meal at the Pelican Inn at Froxfield in the evening. After throwing our windlass in – a bad throw along with boomerang effect, I had some shenanigans with the Sea Magnet – I got too close to the boat and it got stuck on the side!! Expeditious use of the bargepole again! Didn’t find the windlass, either. We got back to Newbury on Thursday evening, needing to repair the side hatch as the bolt had sheared.

During our two weeks we also worked out a bit more about our underfloor heating and how to turn it off for the summer, put up hooks and retaining clips to keep things tidy, set up the security cameras and Mifi unit and put up some shelf rails to stop the lovely teapot set that Liz had given us to remind us of home – peacocks – from sliding off the shelf in case of a bump!  We discovered, on plugging into the shore line on our return to base, that the immersion heater had been switched on the whole time – could explain why the batteries were struggling! It’s a steep learning curve!