The Night Before Our New Adventure

  Well, I can’t believe that it’s been nearly a year since we updated our website! We have had such a busy year – what with closing down the company and getting the house ready for renting, as well as getting the boat ready to be our full time residence. But, here we are! We have everything on board, all neatly stashed away; we have upgraded our batteries, we have put up shelves and pictures, we have installed aerials for TV and internet and we have spent a long time in getting to know (and love!) our new home and making it our own. The house is looking great and has lovely new tenants and the company is in the final stages of being closed down. It has all taken a lot longer than we originally planned, but we are now ready and raring to go.

One of the major events in our new life is that we now have a new family member – Sally the Narrowboat Dog. She is a loving and very special rescue dog, originally from Romania, and she joined us on the 15th December 2018. We are besotted with her and are so glad she is joining us in our new life. She has taken to narrowboat life extremely well and seems very relaxed with the whole idea! We are looking forward to sharing our new adventure with her!

So, tomorrow is the day we cast off for the next chapter – we leave the comfort of the marina and set off on our travels – it’s been a long time in the planning – can’t quite believe it’s finally here!


2 thoughts on “The Night Before Our New Adventure”

  1. Good luck Jan, Tony and Sally – looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your new life!!

    1. Aww, thank you Nat! Thanks for looking at the website – makes it worthwhile doing it!

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