The First Days of Our New Life

  Wednesday 15th May 2019 – the start of our new life! We set off at just before 11.00 am and were very pleased to see volunteer lockkeepers at the first lock in Newbury! That lock can be a bit tricky as it has a very short lock landing plus quite a flow of water, so it was good to be waved in and everything done for us! The scenery on the K & A is gorgeous, although this section runs very close to the railway line, so not entirely peaceful! We didn’t go too far – 8 lock miles – about 4 miles in distance terms and we’ve only gone for another few miles today; we got a nice mooring in Kintbury so took advantage of it and will probably stay here for a couple of days. Tony celebrated with one of his bottles of 3 Bridges Shiraz last night!!

Sal got her new collar yesterday – when we first got her we said we’d wait until we started our narrowboat adventure before we put her new collar on her, not thinking it was going to take so long! So, 5 months to the day after she arrived with us, she got her new collar and we set off for our new life.

She actually found it quite challenging yesterday – she’s fine whilst we’re just pootling along, but the locks were a bit stressful for her – a bit of bumping and strange noises! She also is quite hesitant in jumping back onto the boat – lifting 22kg of wriggling dog isn’t easy! She soon settled down and relaxed when we stopped, though. She’s been a bit better today, too, still not quite at ease but not stressed either. She’ll get there and be a proper Narrowboat Dog!

I just caught Tony walking along the towpath in my rose adorned “back door shoes”, wondered what the guys in the boat just along the towpath were looking at!!  


2 thoughts on “The First Days of Our New Life”

  1. Lovely to see these pics Jan & Tony – enjoy yourselves – Sally looks lovely!
    Will follow your adventures with interest, Lots of love, Brenda & Bob xx

    1. Thanks, Brenda and thanks for looking at the website! We’re having a great time so far! xx

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