Banbury and Beyond.

  We stayed in Lechlade until Monday 30th September as the forecast for Sunday (29th) was pretty grim. We had a long journey on Monday; the first part of the river was almost as challenging as going upstream – the steering is interesting (!) as you are carried along by […]

To Bristol and On Our Way Back

  We had a lovely couple of days in Bath, walked all round the city with Sal (she was a star – she doesn’t like lots of traffic or people but she’s getting more confident all the time and did really well!). We found back roads and footpaths so that […]

We’ve Made it to Bath

          We spent four days on our lovely mooring spot just outside Hilperton/Trowbridge, then we moved to Bradford on Avon and found another lovely spot; stayed there for two days. Bradford on Avon is a very picturesque town with lovely riverside walks. (River Avon and the […]

Our First Month Completed!

  After a couple of days moored at All Cannings, we moved on Wednesday 5th June to a 48hr mooring just by the Bridge Inn at Horton. We didn’t frequent the pub as the landlord is known for not being very friendly towards boaters so we decided not to spend […]

Nearly Three Weeks In

          We had a lovely day on Saturday (25th May), we visited the Crofton Pumping Station, which was fully operational for the Bank Holiday weekend. Very interesting to see how it was done when the canal was built. We then went for a lovely walk to […]