Our First Month Completed!

  After a couple of days moored at All Cannings, we moved on Wednesday 5th June to a 48hr mooring just by the Bridge Inn at Horton. We didn’t frequent the pub as the landlord is known for not being very friendly towards boaters so we decided not to spend our money there. We had a trip on the bus on Thursday (6th June) to Lidl in Devizes to stock up on things you can only get in Lidl! They were selling ginger flavoured Bacardi – lush!!! Also a good deal on wine, which we couldn’t carry on Thursday so saw us do a return visit on Friday but walking there with Sal.

Sal has done two more disappearing acts! As she’s now confident in getting off the boat, she takes herself off then gets the scent of something and she’s off! The second time it was through the pub car park and off up the road with Tony in hot pursuit! Doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened. 😟 We are going to have to be very watchful of her – long lead attached at all times the doors are open and lots more training. Mind you, on our walk one day, we saw a hare on the towpath – I couldn’t hold her – even with her three dodgy legs – and NOTHING would have distracted her from something like that!

We moved on Friday 7th June to the 24hr mooring right outside the pub (still didn’t go in!) and Saturday 8th June saw us move a little closer towards Devizes, on another wild mooring. It was quite windy, so we stopped as soon as we found a suitable mooring. We were quite far away from the bank; the gangplank was only just long enough! Sal has got used to it now, she almost seems to make sure it’s in place, then dashes across – much like me! 

We got a bus into Devizes on Sunday (9th), picked up a couple of parcels from the Southgate Inn – the landlady had very kindly offered to accept them for me! We had a couple of pints whilst there, would’ve been rude not to! I’d ordered some rubber matting squares for the back deck so that it wasn’t so slippy and also more comfortable for Sal to sit on going along. We walked to the Wharf to have a look at the visitor moorings – 72 hrs, plenty of them and good, too, so we decided to move there on Monday (10th).

Monday was pretty horrible and rainy. We had to move the boat slightly as we had moored beside a drain outlet and the water was running out of the pipe against the side of the boat – it sounded like Niagara Falls! Sal was quite unsettled at bedtime – the sound of the rain on the roof of the boat? She was pacing about, panting and drooling – I eventually got her to settle on the sofa with me. I awoke to find her gone, though, and went in search – she was on the bed with Tony, both gently snoring away! Tony had no idea and woke to find a slightly more hairy girl than me in bed beside him!!! 😂😂

On Tuesday 11th, we were up early so that Tony could catch the National Express coach back to Newbury to pick up the car, as we had a trip back down to Lymington for a vet check up for Sal and a physio appointment for me on Wednesday 12th. We walked to the top of the Caen Hill flight to see what we were in for – looks impressive! It was our 36th Wedding Anniversary and Tony bought me some beautiful roses.

I was happy to be able to report to the physio on Wednesday that my knee is much improved! We also picked up our mail and dropped the last of the company paperwork off – good to see the back of that! On our return to the boat, we had a very enjoyable pizza in Devizes, thanks to our Meerkat 2for1 deals! 😁🍕

We moved on Thursday, 13th June, to the 48hr moorings after filling with water and emptying our waste tank 💩💩. (Only mention this as it was the first time we’d done it ourselves!) We will stay here until Saturday when, hopefully, the weather will be a little improved for us to do the famous Caen Hill flight. It’s going to be quite hard work but it’s going to be an experience! We are looking forward to it!

According to her pet passport, it was Sal’s 4th birthday on the 13th June.  Not sure how accurate it is, but it gives us a date on which to celebrate! Unfortunately, the special treat we had planned was abandoned as, on her last walk of the day, she found a whole Camembert cheese, still in the wooden box, under a hedge. It was very difficult persuading her to drop it and she managed to eat a good portion of it – wood and all!! This resulted in another unsettled night – I think she felt a bit uncomfortable in her tummy – not surprisingly!

Friday 14th was, in theory, an easy day as we didn’t move, but saw us catching up with the washing and doing a week’s supermarket shop, so we are in good shape for the coming few days.