Nearly Three Weeks In

  We had a lovely day on Saturday (25th May), we visited the Crofton Pumping Station, which was fully operational for the Bank Holiday weekend. Very interesting to see how it was done when the canal was built. We then went for a lovely walk to Wilton windmill and around Wilton Waters and back to the pumping station café for a delightful piece of cake and cup of tea. The weather was glorious!

We moved to just outside Wootton Rivers on Sunday (26th May) – our longest cruising day yet, 7 locks – and found a lovely 14 day mooring. There was a water point just one lock away, so we planned to stay there until we ran out of water. We had a lovely roast beef dinner in the local pub; Sal was excellent – it was quite busy and noisy and she was so well behaved! 

She blotted her copy book, though, as on Bank Holiday Monday she did a disappearing act on her walk – she eventually found Tony after about an hour, emerged from the trees, covered up to her  shoulders in black mud! We then had to try and get her clean, with limited water! We decided to buy a tracker…..

On Tuesday, 28th, we visited Pewsey on the bus to stock up our cupboards and to pick up our Amazon parcel (dog tracker!). Found a great app which shows all local bus stops, with timetables and live updates, so you know exactly when the bus is going to arrive. Great! Will be a big help! Did a good shop, then hopped back on the bus. We left Sal on the boat and she was fine, she’d obviously been asleep the whole time – greeted us all blurry eyed and waggy tail!

We still hadn’t run out of water but were getting a bit bored of the same view and same bit of towpath so decided to move on Wednesday from our mooring at Wootton Rivers to the water point, with the intention of moving on further. It came onto rain as we were topping up the water, though, and we’re in no rush, so we stayed put. We had a long walk in the rain and Sal sported her new rain jacket – saves her long tummy fur getting wet and muddy!!

The next day, Thursday, we went through one lock then had a lovely couple of miles to Pewsey Wharf with no more locks. We stayed there for two nights. We took Sal on the bus for the first time – she was a star! A bit nervous – it was very noisy – lots of rattles and squeaks – but she sat down and took it all in. We only went for a couple of stops for her first trip. Another new and strange thing we’ve asked of her and she did so well!!! We treated her to a pig’s ear to celebrate!

We moved from Pewsey to Honeystreet  on Saturday (1st June) but we couldn’t get a visitor mooring, so moored out of town on the “wild” moorings. Sal surprised us again, she calmly and confidently crossed the long and wobbly gangplank – she really is a darling girl!

We went for a walk once moored and had a pint sitting in the sun and then we walked to the cafe for an ice cream – Sal had her first doggie ice cream and she enjoyed it so much, it certainly won’t be her last!

We moved only a couple of miles yesterday (Sunday 2nd June) from Honeystreet to All Cannings. A gorgeous thatched village with a lovely old fashioned pub! We took advantage of the pub for our meal last night, very good! The rhubarb cider which, I think, is a first for me was very nice, too! The village shop was handy, but £3.17 for a small, not-even-very-nice-loaf!!!!!

There are some lovely footpaths here for some good walks and we’ve got a nice mooring so we’re going to stay for a couple of days.

Had our first clearing of the weed hatch (from grot wrapped round the propeller) – managed to pick up a small piece of carpet? Might run a bit smoother now!