Moving Week – Day Two, Tuesday 6th March 2018

We arrived at Dobson’s Wharf this morning and the first thing we did was to have breakfast for the first time on our own boat! We stayed in a hotel last night simply because we thought it would be so cold and damp on the boat, with it not having been lived in for over a year, and the weather wasn’t too conducive, either! So, day two of this week’s adventure started off with a seriously fouled prop which resulted in Tony with his arm up to his shoulder in freezing cold water freeing it! The boat moored next to us had a loose hose pipe which managed to get itself wrapped round our prop, along with a coal bag and some other detritus! A lovely couple – Bob and Chris – accompanied us round from Dobson’s Wharf to Shardlow Marina as they are very familiar with that stretch of water, only just making it before the River Trent became too flooded! The river was quite lively, but the transit went without any dramas and we were soon in Shardlow Marina waiting for our lift out. We were just tinkering about on the boat when they came and untied us to pull us out this evening before the water got too high as it was still rising – Tony jumped off, but I was still on board!! Being on a narrowboat whilst it is pulled out of the water on a trolley is an interesting experience, it also meant that I had to climb down a ladder to get off. It did mean that we had a chance to have a good look around what is normally below the waterline, though, so that was good. We locked up the boat and headed off for the hotel again – back at 8 am for loading on the lorry.