Moving Week – Day Three, Wednesday 7th March 2018

  Day three of our Moving Week was eventful, to say the least! We were at the marina for our crane lift at 7.30 am; the lorry was already there. They placed the straps on the boat, lifted her a bit to make sure she was balanced, adjusted the straps, then lifted her again, then the crane got stuck!! Wouldn’t go up or down and she wasn’t high enough for the lorry to drive under. There was a lot of head scratching and tapping of machinery with big tools so we decided to go and get a coffee, thinking that this was going to be a long job. We were only gone for 20 mins and passed her, on the back of the lorry, as we went back to the marina! They must have waited for us to go so that they could do some quick jiggery pokery to get her on the lorry!!! There were, apparently, 3 chaps hanging on the back to weigh her down enough to let the lorry drive under the front then a forklift lifted her back end – glad we didn’t see that, really! A bit like waiting outside in the hospital whilst they do something unpleasant to your child! Anyway, she was on the lorry and on her way. We followed her for a while then went on ahead to wait her arrival at Aldermaston. That lift went without a hitch and she was soon in the water. As soon as we left the wharf, our first obstacle was a lifting bridge, everyone said that “it’s automatic, nothing to it”. Well, I approach it, read the instructions, press the button…..and a woman in a car completely ignores the stop lights and gets stuck in the middle, between the two barriers and right where the bridge is going to lift. Ho hum!! We decided, once we’d sorted all that, that we would stop here for the night as there was a nice convenient mooring spot. Got the fire going and put the heating on and we were toasty warm within an hour. Phones both dead as we didn’t know which button to press to turn on the 230V circuit!! We’ve got a lot to learn!