Moving Week – Day 4, Thursday 8th March 2018

  Today was the second day of our Helmsman’s Course and Tim arrived at Aldermaston at 9.30 a.m as arranged. He spent a long time going through the boat’s various systems with us – we now know how to switch on the inverter! It was quite windy today which gave Tim plenty of opportunity to give us boat handling tips. At one point, the boat was diagonally across  the canal with Tony on the bank hanging onto the rope and Tim was telling us the various different ways you can bring the boat back under control in windy conditions. A very helpful chap cycling passed stopped and asked us if we needed any assistance – I told him we were doing a course and we were fine, but thanks! 

After we’d finished for the day and moored up, Tim told us that we’d both passed. We’d taken it as read that we would but apparently some people don’t. Nothing to stop them still buying and steering a boat, though! Tony and Tim went in a taxi to pick up the cars – Tim to wend his way home and Tony back to Thatcham to where we’re moored.  We’re moored just in front of the Monkey Marsh lock, one of only two turf sided locks still in existence and listed as an ancient monument. Our first solo adventure will be to go through this lock tomorrow morning – how wonderful!