Interesting Day!

Well, we’ve had a long but very interesting day! We were up bright and early and went off to see the first boat – “Sanguine”. She was beautiful and the build quality was fantastic. She’s still moored at the boatyard where she was built and hasn’t ever been very far – she’s only got 100 hours on the engine!

The second boat was a dutch barge style and although the layout was very similar to Sanguine, the quality of the finish couldn’t hold a candle to her – a definite DIY cheap and cheerful job and we knew as soon as we stepped on board that she was not for us. Whilst we were there, the Marina guy wanted to show us another boat belonging to a lovely old couple, but it was very traditional and not for us, either!

Off to the third appointment, then. This was the boat which, on the face of it, was very lovely but not quite the layout we were hoping for. The build quality wasn’t quite as good as Sanguine’s but she had one or two features which we liked. The bed configuration, though, was just not we were looking for, so decided she wasn’t the one for us. Whilst we were there, we went to see another, almost brand new boat. It had a very odd layout in that there was no permanent bed, the main bed was made up as a day bed and if it was left made up all the time, you couldn’t get to the wardrobe or doors. Very odd. Who wants to mess around making up the bed every single night? Not us!

So, lots of thinking to do! We loved Sanguine, but do we want to buy the first boat we’ve seen?