We’ve Put an Offer in on Sanguine!!!

We’ve had an interesting couple of days; after a lot of soul searching and trying to sort out the difference between head and heart, we came to the conclusion that, although Sanguine had one or two downsides (the size of the seating area mainly), she fulfilled 99% of our “must […]

Interesting Day!

Well, we’ve had a long but very interesting day! We were up bright and early and went off to see the first boat – “Sanguine”. She was beautiful and the build quality was fantastic. She’s still moored at the boatyard where she was built and hasn’t ever been very far […]

Our Search Has Begun

We’re off for the weekend to have a look at three boats. After some quite extensive research of the internet looking at possible boat builders, we have come to the conclusion that we don’t want to wait to have a boat built to our own specification – there is an […]


Well, you could knock me down with a feather! Tony has decided that we are going to finish work (I’m not saying retiring, we’re too young!) and we are planning on buying a narrowboat. We are going to rent out our house  and begin a life of being  continuous cruisers on […]