Bank Holiday Monday Trip to the Pub

  BH Monday – our first trip out from the marina since we moved the boat. It was a beautiful day and we did the short trip from Newbury to Marsh Benham to the Red House pub with Graham, Paula and Liz . It was also the Crafty Craft race and, in an attempt to get out of the way of one of the Crafties, I completely lost control in the flow of the water going through Newbury! There was only about a thousand people on the towpath watching, too! Once we got through Newbury everything was fine, though. We managed to share the locks with another boat although Paula was doing a great job for our team! A slight complication when we moored and walked to the pub – the level crossing barriers were stuck in the closed position so we all stood looking at each other wondering what to do. Eventually, after half an hour, one brave soul decided to cross anyway, so we all took a leaf from their book and crossed. The trains had obviously been told that there was a problem and two went through very slowly whilst we were waiting and you could also see right along the track both ways so we weren’t really taking any risk. After a lovely lunch, we chugged back to Newbury, everyone having had a turn at steering or lock operating. A lot of work for one day and it was very hot, but a lovely day!