10 Days Update

  We had a lovely couple of days in Kintbury, including a visit to the local butcher’s shop for one of his delicious hot sausage rolls! We then made our way to Hungerford, where we moored for three nights, taking advantage of the bigger town to restock the fridge and cupboards whilst we were there. Our friends Ali & Rob visited on 21st May and we had a lovely day with them, moving the boat to Froxfield and having dinner in the Pelican Inn that evening. We then moved to Great Bedwyn and stayed there for two nights – it’s a lovely little village, as are a lot of them along the canal. We have moved today, Friday 24th May, to Crofton, again a beautiful spot, but very close to the railway line! Fortunately, the trains don’t run all night. We will take advantage of the lovely two day mooring we have here. The Crofton Pumping Station is open and operational for the Bank Holiday weekend, so we shall visit that tomorrow. 

Sally has been enjoying her new experiences, on the whole! She is still hesitant at getting on and off the boat, but she enjoys lying on the towpath and watching the world go by (and barking at some of the cyclists if they go a bit too fast!!) We have even started to let her off the lead for short periods along the towpath, as there is nowhere she can go other than in the canal, although she did give Tony the run around this morning when she got a bit too interested in looking for rabbits!! She doesn’t like being on the boat in the locks, but is happy to wait patiently whilst Tony or I work the lock, so is no trouble. The locks are close together on this section, so we generally walk between them, giving her her walk as we go, so it all works out very nicely! We are only travelling for a few miles at a time, it’s quite hard work so we find that’s enough, plus we want to visit all the villages along the way.

So, at the end of 10 days, things are looking good, we’ve had no disasters and we even managed to work out how to use the special generator which powers the washing machine – can’t be bad!!